PetsBuild Outdoor DOG Shaded Resting Area DIY Project

Build Outdoor DOG Shaded Resting Area DIY Project

How to build outdoor DOG shaded resting area diy project that uses the soil from a garden roof to block the sun’s rays.

Build Outdoor DOG Shaded Resting Area DIY Project Pets Cats Dog Garden Roof

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The main reason to construct this very fascinating and creative space for dogs is to give them a place for them to cool under while their owners are in the yard. Dogs should be allowed to frolic in the yard and rest while seeing their lovely owner working on specialized plants and herbs growing. Dogs tend to be treated very much like royalty from extra treats to sleeping in the bed with the owners because it’s big, comfy, and there are others they can cuddle with.

The veranda is a special designated place for dogs to lie when around the yard during a hot summer’s day. Note, it is not intended for dogs to sleep under every day; it isn’t that comfortable.

Materials and Tools needed for project:

2×6 inch ACQ pressure treated lumber

1 inch PT CDX plywood half sheet

2 lbs 3 inch deck screws

2 lbs 2 inch deck screws

Construction adhesive


Pocket hole jig (optional)

Framing square

Drill & bits

Table saw

Hole saw


Staple gun

Assorted woodworking paraphernalia (clamps, cords, etc)






There are a lot of instructions and plenty of things to have to build this specialized shelter for a dog. The main piece is multiple 2×6 pieces, which are cut down to 2×3 pieces, and then cut down to more pieces than that. The pieces will be cut down to 2 2-foot pieces, and 2-foot, 8-inch pieces. In addition, it will be 4 2.5-foot pieces with one end of each piece cut at 22.5 degrees, 2 3-foot, 8-inch pieces with one end cut at 45 degrees, and 2 3-foot, 8-inch pieces long and unaltered at the ends.

Build Outdoor DOG Shaded Resting Area DIY Project

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As for the other tools, get a list to write down. One inch of PT plywood (half a sheet), deck screws measured at 2 inches and 3 inches, construction glue, chalk, a framing square, saws for a table and hole making, a drill & bits, a staple gun, soil, fertilizer, plants, pavers, perlite, and other woodworking pieces such as cords and clamps. More importantly, have a lot of time to build this.

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