Off GridBuild Rotating Fire Pit Cover Turbine DIY Project

Build Rotating Fire Pit Cover Turbine DIY Project

How to Build Rotating Fire Pit Cover Turbine DIY Project can be made with a little bit of hard work. People forget that heat is another way to create off the grid energy.

Homesteaders are a resourceful set of people.

Build Rotating Fire Pit Cover Turbine DIY Project

A fire pit is one thing, but it’s another to have a cover is the shape of a turbine. The pit and its base are easy to buy, but the goal here is to build the turbine cover at home. What will be made is the support frame plus its pick up handle, a threaded center support/balance pin attached to the cap on top, and two small threaded metallic parts“T” shaped connected to weighted bolts.

First, do the math in the kind of angle the blades should be. The average number of blades in a turbine should be 24. Get scrap metal that can be carved into the fans and place over the bowl. They should be curved and sized correctly based on the diameter of the pit. Flatten off the bead that holds them together and separate them for the moment.Take a short 1 1/4″ plumber’s pipe that includes a screw-on cap. Cut it long enough to fit it on the inside section of the blades and then drill a small notch in the center of the cap for the pin to fit into.


Finally, move on to the hard labor part of the process: the welding. That is a different procedure to do that requires care and knowledge. It should take a couple of hours (or four) to take each piece and place them together one corner at a time. For the pin, get a rod about 3/8” thick and thread it carefully in the center.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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