Must Have Calendula Ointment Recipe 5 Star Rating


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One of my biggest regret this year that I had not do before it was needed was make a batch of Calendula Ointment. I was riding my Honda Ruckass in my small town with my boxer dog Lola beside me when she saw another dog and cut in front of me causing me to crash.   It was so shocking to see the payment racing up towards me and I put my hands and arms out to protect my head ( Yes, I was wearing a helmet – Thank heavens ).

I will spare you the pictures of my bloody hands, arms and knees but because I did not have batch of Calendula Ointment made up I will have the scars to prove it.

Pat sent me some Comfrey to plant….she is so sweet. It was so wonderful to pick up a box at the post office and see these beautiful clumps. Which is a great healing plant.