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How to build a semi-permanent survival shelter


A Beginners Guide To Archery Equipment for Survival

Archery gear has been used for self defense and food gathering for centuries.   http://survivalpreparednessblog.com/a-beginners-guide-to-archery-equipment-for-survival  

A Manual Grain Mill and why you need one

A Manual Grain Mill and why you need one.I know we have a lot of Canadians viewers, This is from the Canadian Preppers Network,...

DIY Crawfish Trap

DIY Crawfish Trap     http://www.jmcdonaldknives.com/CrawfishTrap.html

Make a Simple Fire Piston

How to Make a Simple Fire Piston Out of Hardware Store Material - DYI   http://www.primitiveways.com/Fire%20Piston%20using%20commercial%20materials.html

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