CraftsCreate Children Play Kitchen Slipcover Craft Project

Create Children Play Kitchen Slipcover Craft Project

This tutorial shares how to create children play kitchen slipcover craft project that easily slips over a kitchen chair.

Create Children Play Kitchen Slipcover Craft Project

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Making a children’s play-kitchen slipcover takes a little time, energy and focus, but it can save you space and money in the long run. Buying a base on which to create your slipcover is an option, but if you want to make yours from scratch, we will tell you how in the following paragraphs.

You will need to start off with the right tools for the job. From sewing machine, to tape measure and scissors. Then you will need the right materials to create the curtains, the windows, the oven and stove top.

Once you have these tools and materials you need to pick out the chair you will use as your structure. Measure the chair’s back, sides, front and cushion carefully. Cut pieces of material that fit each one. Create the stove top first, using the materials at hand. Then make the oven door using Velcro and an extra piece of material.

The backsplash and window come next. Start with the backsplash then use the majority of the space for the window. A light blue material creates the effect of clean windows. Sew the curtain material over the windows and use a sliver of material as a tie back for each curtain.

Your finishing touches will include sewing in a side pocket to the slipcover and adding a hem all around it. This hem will keep the slipcover from fraying and extend its life. Lastly, place the slipcover over the chair and teach your children how to use it.

Once your children are finished playing the cloth they can pack the slipcover away in a matter of moments.

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Melissa Francis
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