CraftsRefashion Old Leggings into Long Sleeve Shirt Project

Refashion Old Leggings into Long Sleeve Shirt Project

This Refashion Old Leggings into Long Sleeve Shirt Project is an easy frugal way to “re-use, wear it out and make do with what you have” homesteading mindset. This step by step tutorial will have you digging through your closet and trying your hand at this.

Refashion Old Leggings into Long Sleeve Shirt Project

This is about recycling clothing – in this case, old leggings – and converting it into a crop top that you layer another full length shirt over it. Clothes like leggings and long skirts can be adjusted and cut into something else with the right cuts and measurements. For the leggings-to-top conversion, do the following:

1. First, cut the crotch area out in a V-neck size that can be wide at any size.

2. Try it out by placing your head in the hole, as well as the arms going in where the legs would usually go to see the sleeve length.

3. It looks pretty much done, if everything seems to fit, but with the stretchiness of the leggings, it can be a bit loose on the sleeves, so it should be altered to fit perfectly.

4. Measure 7 inches from the leggings’ waistline and down the sleeve and get a plate to mark where the armpit will be to make the alteration.

5. Measure a small, straightened line from the marking made to sow up the gap made to where the stitch will be placed.

6. Also, measure a lengthy sewing line from the other end of the curve down towards the sleeve’s cuff to thin the arm’s fit and get rid of the sagginess.

7. Pin and sew it in zigzag style prior to cutting the extra piece off – just in case it doesn’t fit. If not, then remove the zigzag and adjust accordingly before sewing it with long stitches to complete it.

Wear and enjoy a new top remade from your leggings that gives a edgy look.

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Melissa Francis
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