PetsCreate Couch Barrier That Blocks Dog Cat Toys Project

Create Couch Barrier That Blocks Dog Cat Toys Project

How to create couch barrier that blocks dog cat toys project is detailed in this step by step tutorial from forever (ok, your dog may think it is forever) being lost beneath the sofa.

Create Couch Barrier That Blocks Dog Cat Toys Project

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Things get lost; it happens to all of us, but when you are a four legged pet, finding a toy that’s rolled out of reach is too distressing for words. Of course we all pick up for our pets and when they ask for help with a paw on the lap or a forlorn look, you move even faster for them. But it’s a lot easier to help prevent lost and rolled away toys from the start.

Most out of reach items for dogs roll under sofas or appliances. There’s an easy way to block the space between the sofa legs using bright pool noodles linked together. They’re cheap and if your pet scratches at them it is not a major loss. They are also easy to string together once you get the idea. Best of all they actually look like a purposeful addition to the décor.


-swimming noodles (the kind with a hole in the center)

-Some rope

-A piece of metal or a stone, small and heavy enough to get through the hole of the swimming noodles.

Measure out the area to block off in length to get a count of how many pool noodles you will need. Using strong twine or rope, string it through the noodle and create a chain the way you used to make a pasta necklace in kindergarten, with strings through elbow macaroni.

Lay the noodles end to end around the furniture that has area floor gaps. The protective barrier is easy to move, colorful, dog-safe and won’t cost much if your pet enjoys chewing them, too.

It is going to be a lot more fun to toss toys for your pet if you know you won’t also wind up being the one to scramble after them if they roll too far out of reach, Your dog will thank you and your own playtime gets easier. Read on to see instructions to make your own noodle barrier.

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