ArticlesCreating an Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Bathroom

Creating an Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Bathroom

Designing a bathroom suite is not just about how it looks but also how it functions. This post takes you through some design choices that offer sustainability and eco-friendly functionality to your bath space. 

Here are some sustainable, eco-friendly bathroom solutions:

  1. Choice and design of bathroom suite
  2. Installation of eco-friendly bathroom fixtures
  3. Install energy-saving lighting options
  4. Use VOC free paints and coatings
  5. Save, Reuse, Recycle
  6. Add plants to the mix
  7. Add Bathroom Skylight

Continue reading to find out how the above listed eco-friendly ideas can save you money while keeping the planet green at the same time. 

7 ways to create an eco-friendly bathroom

1. Choice and design of bathroom suite

If you are designing your bathroom from the ground up, installing modern fixtures is the easiest way to get an environmentally friendly bathroom. There are many factors to consider when choosing bathroom suites. You want to ensure that your suite choice works with your bathroom layout and that there’s enough floor space in your bathroom after all the fixtures from the suite have been installed. There are some fantastic en-suite bathroom ideas to consider and to keep these as eco friendly as possible, think about dual flush toilets or low flow showers.

2. Installation of eco-friendly bathroom fixtures

If you renovate or remodel your bathroom, throwing everything out and installing a completely new bathroom suite might be impractical. What you can do instead and could guarantee similar results is to install eco-friendly bathroom fixtures. 

Some of these fixtures include the dual flush toilets, which according to Forbes, can save a family of four about 13,000 gallons of water yearly, approximately £72.75 ($100) yearly. Dual flush toilets replace the conventional idea that you need a large volume of water for a proper flush using optimized fluid dynamics. 

More eco-friendly options for your consideration include motion sensor faucets (taps) and showerheads. Regular showerheads shoot out water at about 2 gallons per minute. Making that switch to low flow showerheads help you save water and money. While motion sensor taps ensure water is not wasted while you do other things, like shaving, in the bathroom. 

3. Install energy-saving lighting options

Replace compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) with LED bulbs. The former was considered an energy-saving option but was discovered to be made from environmentally toxic materials. LED bulbs are not only environmentally friendly but go easy on your pocket for the following reasons. 

  • LEDs have fewer watts per lumen when compared to CFLs
  • LED light bulbs have a longer lifespan
  • CFLs are less durable when compared to LED light bulbs

4. Use VOC free paints and coatings

VOCs are volatile organic compounds that are produced by certain liquids and solids. These compounds could have long term and short term adverse effects on your health and are present in lacquers, paints, cleaning supplies, paint strippers, and furnishings, to name a few. 

It would help if you considered installing bathroom fixtures with little or no VOC paint. You also consider using bamboo as an eco-friendly shower curtain instead of the traditional curtain that might emit VOCs. 

5. Save, Reuse, Recycle

Sometimes the little things make the difference. One such way is to save and repurpose items without use around the house and integrate them into your bathroom design. For example, you can build your bathroom cabinets from reclaimed wood, recycled steel or wood or bamboo. The countertops in your bathroom can also be made from recycled materials like wood, glass, tile, steel. Or you can reuse and recycle your mason jars to serve as storage for cotton buds, shampoo, conditioner, soap and other toiletries. 

6. Add Plants to the Mix

Plants are an inexpensive way to introduce nature and add colour to your bathroom. You have the option to choose large plants to sit on your bathroom floor, or you can opt for succulents that can sit on your window frame or countertop. The addition of these plants combines aesthetics with functionality as they give your room a pleasing aura and purify the air at the same time. 

7. Add Bathroom Skylight

You can save even more on your electric bills by adding a skylight to your bathroom. This ensures you get enough light in your bathroom all day long while preventing mould or mildew growth and eliminating any odour that might creep into your bathroom.

 In Conclusion

You have all you need to design your environmentally friendly bathroom. Incorporate one or more of the ideas listed above but endeavour to add your personal touch to create something unique. 

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