CrochetCrochet Bold Chevron Window Curtains Project

Crochet Bold Chevron Window Curtains Project

Learning to crochet bold chevron window curtains is a simple project that will diffuse sunlight through your favorite colored yarn.

Crochet Bold Chevron Window Curtains Project

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This Big Bold Chevron Curtain pattern is an ideal solution for inserting a dynamic swath of color and providing a bit of privacy for wherever you hang it in your home.

With this easy chevron pattern you can conform the length and the width of your curtain to make it into a room divider or to create a filter that diffuses the sunlight …or the moonlight… shining through the window.

If you’re an experienced crochet artist, you may already have left-over thread that could be used to inexpensively design your color scheme. Or you might look for private sales through online classified ads. I often see ads by people disposing of their sewing and craft materials and looking to pass them on to anyone who will put them to good use.

But whether or not, I always enjoy finding another occasion to shop for new and vibrant threads for my crochet projects. Honestly, nothing ever goes to waste … eventually.

Unless you already have a spare curtain rod lying about that fits your space, you’ll want to pick up a simple tension rod that fits the area where your new curtain will hang once it’s finished.

US – K, 6.5mm hook

375 yds total Aran weight yarn in 2 (or more) colors (Color A: 215 yds; Color B: 160 yds)

Size (hung): 36″ wide x 26″ long (shown hung on a 27″ wide window)

Special Stitches:

Tr – triple/treble crochet

Tr2tog over 4 ch: Work a tr in the next st, until there are 2 loops left on the hook, skip 2 ch, work tr in the next ch until there are 3 loops left on the hook, yo and pull through all 3 loops

To make wider or narrower, add or subtract a multiple of 19 sts.

I love working up this easy crochet stitch for a variety of projects. It’s simple to follow along while I’m engaged in conversation or watching television, and it turns out such a lovely and lively swath of color that complements wherever it ends up being placed in the room.

Whether you use it to make an individualized statement in your room décor that stands out and draws attention to its bold design, or whether you use it as a backdrop for one of your other creations of art or plants or light fixtures, this Big Bold Chevron Curtain pattern will become a beautiful and welcome addition to any room.

Click here to read about how to crochet bold chevron window curtains project:

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Melissa Francis
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