CrochetCrochet CUPCAKE Stitch Blanket Border Project

Crochet CUPCAKE Stitch Blanket Border Project

Crochet CUPCAKE Stitch Blanket Border Project is quite cute and once you have mastered the cupcake stitch, it can be a nice playful border on your crochet projects.

Crochet CUPCAKE Stitch Blanket Border Project - Homesteading - The Homestead Survival

Get the following things for this project:

3.5 millimeter hook

sturdy yarn with these four colors: white, grey, brown and pink – colors of this cupcake.

This sweet crochet cupcake stitch is highly reconizable and brings out the “joy” the a person has when tasting a frosted cupcake….. smiles. Cam you picture yourself cuddled up and surrounded by a crocheted soft blanket made of cupcakes ? It is extremely adorable and sweet.

The following shortenings of terms should be noted:

Ch is for “chain”

Sc is for “single crochet”

Dc is for “double crochet”

DC Cluster is a procedure where the “yarn over,” or YO

Cupcake stitch is placing the hook in the next sew, YO, make a loop, YO, put through two hook-linked loops and duplicate in four stitches, YO, and finally put into the last six hook-linked loops.

Begin with the grey yarn, which is the cup. In the first two rows, do Ch six times and one turning Ch and, in a stitch, an Sc in every one. Then, go to the brown yarn, where, in the third row, do 1DC, 1ch, and forgo those two stitches. Then, do the following: 2DC in st,1DC inst, 2 DC in st, one chain, skip thrice to the last 3 st, ch 1, skip twice, and one more DC in last st. Next up, the pink. In the fourth row, do ch 1, 5scvia front loops, 1scover ch-1, and replicate to the last stitch. Finally, work with the white yarn. At the fifth row, DC andch 4, skip twice, band DC five times in five stitches, 5ch and forgo next st, band 5 DC around till end, ch 4, skip twice, and 2DC in the last st.

Crochet CUPCAKE Stitch Blanket Border Project

For the last two rows, with any topped color, doch 1, 2sc, and 4scviach-4 space. Next, 6sclooped in the chain from earlier row and replicate until complete. Finish by 4scover the final 4 ch spaces, topped by 2sc. The last knit is to ch 3 and DC around it.

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