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DIY Secret Hidden Compartment

If you have items in your house that you would like hidden check out this diy project to make a hidden compartment in a hollow core interior door. I like this idea because there is a cover over the compartment so anyone running their hand over the top of the door is not going to be able to tell there is a compartment there since they would feel wood all along the top of the door and it is too far up to see that it looks different. If you keep some emergency cash at home this would work for keeping it hidden from sight yet accessible if you needed it. Making Things shares the tutorial for creating your own hidden compartment in a door on Instructables.  Just make sure to tape or staple the folder on the ends so nothing falls out, otherwise you will have to destroy the door to get to it.

Making Things
Making Things


Click here for instructions>>>>      http://www.instructables.com/id/Hidden-Compartment-In-Everyday-Door/?ALLSTEPS

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