PetsDog House Mansion with Sun Deck DIY Project

Dog House Mansion with Sun Deck DIY Project

This build a Dog House Mansion with Sun Deck DIY Project is perfect for when your dog craves some outdoor private time. Windows, a door and even a sun deck ! Give your dog shelter from the wind and rain with this rustic, attractive wood dog house.

Dog House Mansion with Sun Deck DIY Project

When you have a dog it is necessary that you have a shelter for them when they are outside. This is important because they need to have a place where they can go when it rains or snows when it is out or it is extremely cold. It is also equally as important to have a dog house big enough for your dog to be comfortable in. This DIY project was designed to introduce the reader to the perfect house for the dog owner with a massive dog, such as a German Shepherd.

2×4 framing lumber

1/2″ plywood

1/8″ Melamine sheet (sometimes called “tileboard”)

4×4 posts

Polyurethane construction adhesive

Roof Edge Flashing

Roofing Paper

Rigid Insulating Foam

Exterior Sheathing (embossed OSB in this case)

Roof material (scrap rubber mat from local gym)

Corner trim – plastic

Roof “struts” – Baltic Birch scraps from another project

Window Screen

Furniture Bolts


PVC Pipe

Exterior primer and paint

Silicone sealant

Various screws, staples, etc

This raised dog house is constructed out of solid, natural wood for quality durability and style.

The interior of the house provides plenty of room for your dog to get comfortable while also protecting her/him from inclement weather.

This Do It Yourself project was created by the author in hopes to help someone give their dog the best shelter possible. The author of this DIY project came up with the perfect dog house for the dog owner who prefers one of the larger breeds of dogs like the German shepherd or Great Dane. The DIY project includes a description of all of the things that are needed and a complete easy to follow instruction guide.

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