ArticlesFive 3D exterior rendering services use cases for private and business needs

Five 3D exterior rendering services use cases for private and business needs

3D rendering transforms two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional photo-realistic images. The exterior rendering depicts the exterior design of an architectural project yet to be built. 3d exterior rendering services use computer software to create these stunning images that help architects clearly illustrate their vision to clients. In addition to the exterior of buildings, exterior rendering also shows the surroundings in which the building is situated.

This article will elaborate on 3d exterior visualization services for private and business needs.

1. Shows how home and garden will look

A 3d exterior rendering company can produce 3d renderings that showcase the proposed design of a building perfectly. The 3d renderings help architects present their vision in a medium that is easy for clients to understand.

The client can also be presented with an opportunity to view the property with different roof coverings, wall finishes, door and window designs and more. The realistic rendering makes it easy for clients to judge what works for them.

In addition, the software can include vegetation in stunningly realistic depictions, including how the sun falls through leaves, and what the garden will look like on overcast days. Plants can instantly appear in the garden, grabbed from a vegetation database. A time-lapse video can show how the plants, and therefore the garden, will change over time, giving homeowners a chance to pick the best trees and shrubs for the available space.

2.  Illustrates construction stages

Some renovations involve structural changes to a building. 3d exterior design rendering services can produce a time-lapse animation of the construction stages and which areas will be safe for the family to stay in while construction is in progress.

Time-lapse animations of construction are useful for architects of private homes and large commercial buildings as well as estate developers. The animations show how the construction is progressing, instilling confidence in homeowners and prospective buyers in a commercial or estate development.

3.  Enhances communication

Because the 3d renderings are so realistic and include every design element, it’s very easy to spot and sort out problems. If an element looks wrong or doesn’t please the client, it can be removed; if an element needs to be added, it can be done in an instant. All of this happens before actual construction work begins.

Precise rendering prevents costly mistakes by getting everyone on the same page, including the architect, builder, and client.

Time-lapse animation of a construction project plays a role here as well. These animations can clearly illustrate if timeframes for the completion of the project are unrealistic and arguments between architects and builders can easily be settled.

4.  The ultimate sales tool

3d exterior design rendering services can be used to great effect by architects, marketing agencies, and real estate developers to impress and convince their clients of their vision for a planned commercial building or private residence.

The images are so life-like and detailed that it’s easy for clients to see what the building will look like after completion. This is different from drawings on paper that most people don’t understand and can’t interpret. With 3d renderings, there can be no doubt as to what the client is paying for.

With 3d rendered images, real estate developers can approach prospective clients with photo-realistic images of their projects, including malls, apartment buildings, and housing complexes. The designs can be rendered in the finest details, highlighting essential elements required by the authorities.

5.  Brings signage to life

Signage companies are using 3d exterior design rendering services for detailed 3d renderings of storefront signage and complicated architectural signage projects.

3d images are used to help clients visualize their signage projects. The detailed photo-realistic renderings allow clients to inspect every detail of the sign. The images can include surrounding elements that will be influenced by the signage and that will influence it. Seeing it to scale in its eventual environment, helps clients make final decisions and prevent expensive mistakes. 3d renderings are also an excellent aid in procuring permits, as authorities can clearly see if the sign meets their requirements.

Final thoughts

3d exterior rendering services are invaluable to all stakeholders involved in a building project. The accurate and detailed renderings temper unrealistic expectations of clients and at the same time, the technology addresses any uncertainty.

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