HomesteadingForaging for Survival Salt Away From Ocean

Foraging for Survival Salt Away From Ocean

These sources of Foraging for Survival Salt Away From Ocean are part of ancient knowledge that is slowly slipping away to be lost if we (people who want to get back to the land) don’t embrace the old ways.
It’s needed to transmit nerve impulses, contract and relax muscle fibers (including those in the heart and blood vessels), and maintain a proper fluid balance.

Foraging for Survival Salt Away From Ocean - Homesteading

Extracting salt from seawater is an easy thing to do. There’s a large amount of salt in seawater and a single gallon of it contains 1/4 pound of sea salt. It can be extracted by boiling the water or evaporating it under the sun. Even within rocky beaches and shallow tide pools, salt crystals can be gained at the end of the low tide and there is no boiling necessary. Sandy soil inland could also have hidden salt deposits. Natives who lived by the sea would put sand in a basket with small holes at the bottom and let water drain through it. The water was then boiled and salt was extracted.

Harvesting Rock Salt

Salt In Animal Blood

Extracting Salt From Sand

Extracting Salt From Plant Ashes

Harvesting Salt From Brine Springs and Salt Lakes

People who live near a rock salt could go out and mine the salt out using hand tools. There are many deposits up and down the East coast, a lot of them hiding underground and have to be dug up. There are also brine springs, a common source of salt the Natives would use to dig up. Salt boiling pots from the past have been preserved as a record of their usage. There are stories about how families have found their way getting salt that continues today. Since most plants have salt in low concentration, to survive, a lot of them would have to be consumed.

Herbivores go through the forest and look for salt-rich plants to lick, accumulating in their tissues and in their blood. There’s not a good way to get that salt out of their blood, but getting enough of it will supply enough salt.

Bonus Tip: Salt can be obtained from boiling the roots of any Hickory and Pecan tree. Smash/crush the roots and boil them in water until all water is evaporated. The black crystals/dots left in the pan is the salt. Salt is also present in wild parsnip, wild carrots and in all animal blood.

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