CleanersFrugal Simple Cleaning House Hacks That Work

Frugal Simple Cleaning House Hacks That Work

These frugal simple cleaning house hacks that work will make your life easier and as an added bonus they will save you money.

Frugal Simple Cleaning House Hacks That Work

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Spring cleaning is the first thing you do when days start getting warmer and instead of using chemical cleaners, natural homemade recipes can be used to keep the house sparkling. First things first – throw away all your chemical cleaners and empty cleaner bottles to clear the cabinet and put all your towels and rugs in one place along with a citrus cleaner and preferably a washable walnut sponge.

For kitchen, clear the counters, wipe it with DIY all-purpose cleaner, wash the curtains using vinegar in rinse-cycle and wash the windows. Fill a bowl with lemon slices and water and microwave it for 3 minutes. The steam will sit in later and make it easier to wipe it.

Sink drains by using a little baking soda and chasing it with vinegar.

For the living room, use Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap with hot water to clean the carpets, and baking soda and essential oils to freshen them up or clean non-washable surfaces. Dust the furniture, clean the windows and scrub the curtains and blinds.

For bathrooms, faucets can be wiped with a wet towel dipped in vinegar. Baking soda can be used to scrub showers, bathtubs, toilets and sinks.

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Melissa Francis
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