Off The Grid Non Electric Laundry Tools Round Up

Many of our readers have asked us what tools do they need to be able to do laundry in a disaster or in a long term power outage.

This round up of different options will hopefully point people in the right direction so they can find what works for them.

Challenge: Do not use your electric washing machine or dryer for one week.

Find alternative ways to wash your clothes. Do these tools seem more appealing ?

I did the above challenge.

I found that I enjoy hanging laundry on a clothesline, for some reason I find it relaxing.


 Family Size Washboard

10 3/4” x 11” rubbing surface. 12 7/16” x 23 3/4” overall. Hand assembled, fully mortised and nailed at 6 points. Wood frame metal wash surface

You can find it here –


Round Galvanized Steel Tub

11.5 x 26.8 x 26.8 inches and it is 5.5 pounds

You can find it here –

Plunger Washer – Hand Operated Washing in a five gallon bucket
The holes allow more water to follow and circulate washing the clothes faster and more thoroughly.

You can find it here –


Green Vinyl Jacketed Outdoor Clothesline Wire
100 feet

You can find it here –


Traditional Wood Spring 100-Pack Clothespins

You can find it here –


Best Hand Clothes Wringer

Rustproof all steel frame like antique washing wringers

Attaches to round galvanized tubs or square wash tubs

You can find it here –


Splash Guard Mop Bucket/Wringer

6.50 gallon Capacity

You can find it here –



Clothes Washing in a Grid-Down World – Article

Click here to read the article:

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