Grow Your Own Dwarf Banana Tree from Seeds


Learn how you can grow dwarf banana trees from seed and grow your own bananas. If you are one of those people who absolutely love bananas, but thought that you could never grow your own because you don’t live in the tropics. You are in for a surprise, nothing could be further from the truth, as a matter of fact, you can grow your very own variety of bananas in a pot. This article will show you just how easy it can be and how to get started.

Grow Your Own Dwarf Banana Tree from Seeds

This helpful article on growing a banana tree is from Homestead Lifestyle, with videos from Mr. East Coast Man on how to start the pant from a seed and Randy’s Tropical Plants on maintaining a banana plant. In that video you will learn how to take offshoots called pups and make new plants to add to your banana plants or you can sell them to folks that want a banana plant but don’t want to grow their own. The article starts off by telling you that the seeds of the banana tree are not actually found inside the fruit and that you should source your seeds from a reputable dealer. Or you can buy dwarf banana tree seeds here and regular banana tree seeds here . You can even skip the seeds and just buy a banana plant here. All the stuff that you will need to get started can easily be gotten from almost any gardening supply store.

Benefits from reading the article Grow Your Own Dwarf Banana Tree from Seeds

You will learn that the seeds are not inside the fruit itself.
The article describes all of the materials and supplies that you will need to get started.
It includes a very helpful step by step instruction guide on planting and a guide to maintain the tree.
Each of the guides are presented using an easy to follow and understand short video.


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