HerbsGrow Gardening Catnip to Highly Impress Your Cat

Grow Gardening Catnip to Highly Impress Your Cat

Grow gardening catnip to highly impress your cat is a hardy perennial herb with pungent fragrance which is highly attractive and exciting to all cats. You are growing cat friday night party favors that will create a reenactment of the 60’s.

Grow Gardening Catnip to Highly Impress Your Cat

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As its name suggests, the herb is known for cats’ liking to the smell and taste, leading to purring, drowsiness, and pure silliness by rubbing itself over the plant.

Catnip has a scent that attracts them called Nepetalactone. Cats and their other feline relatives -leopards, cougars, and lynxes – all are attracted to this scent. About two-thirds of domesticated cats show signs of their interested. Nepetalactone traces are found in strong versions of fly and mosquito repellents and are removed from the plant by steam. As a food, it can be mixed into tea or a salad, as they are edible.

Catnip is a mint herb usually found in Eastern Europe and Asia. This is a mint that grows between 20 to 40 inches, feels soft, and is attractive to pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Naturists use it as a medicine for multiple conditions such as headaches, stomach cramps, colds, nagging coughs, and other illnesses. We have a calming catnip tea recipe that is relaxing for children (click here to read).

Catnip can also be grown quite easily by having the seeds planted in March through May, or in September, when the post-Summer heat in the ground can speed the germination process.The temperature should be 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and should start sprouting after 10 to 20 days. Catnip can grow in any garden that has good drainage, or in containers and raised beds. For the harvest, do it when it has grown out and keep picking it out occasionally.
Catnip stalks can hang in a place with air and away from direct sunlight. More importantly, keep them away from the cats unless you want your kitty cat to be delightfully stoned!

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