Grow Watermelon Vertically on the Chicken Run


Watermelon is no doubt a favorite summertime fruit. It’s a staple at backyard parties and picnics everywhere. You know watermelons are juicy and sweet, yet did you know that this favorite warm weather treat has lots of healthy benefits to offer?

The health benefits of watermelon include manage diabetes, support healthy heart, fight free radicals, reduce severity of asthma attack, support weight loss, and source of water and energy. Some benefits include eradicating inflammation, protecting nerve function, prevent heat stroke and exhaustion, help balance pH level, support digestion, support kidney health, and reduce risks of developing periodontal diseases.

If you want to enjoy all the health benefits that watermelons can offer you, it would be a great idea if you will grow your own watermelons in your backyard. If you think you’ll need a huge space to grow watermelons, it’s possible to grow this fruit vertically on a chicken coop run as a trellis. Hawk Hill will show you how to do it right. With this, growing watermelons vertically while keeping the chickens may go hand in hand and can make good use of space.

They tell us that you reap multiple benefits from growing watermelon this way. Your melon has plenty of space to climb, as it fills the wire of the chicken run it provides shade to the chickens. Watermelon can handle al of the manure the chickens have dropped as it doesn’t bun easily.

Once the melons begin you can train the vine to go inside the wire of the run and provide a burlap hammock to hold the melon as it grows.  This keeps the melon up away from the chickens while also protecting it from other birds, rabbits, deer and any other critters that may want your melon.