GardeningGrowing Fruit On Space Saving Cordon Trees

Growing Fruit On Space Saving Cordon Trees

Even if you have a small backyard you could still be growing fruit on space saving cordon trees. There are a number of ways and methods of planting and growing fruit trees.

Growing Fruit On Space Saving Cordon Trees

Most people are familiar with the typical way that most fruit trees are planted when you see rows and rows of trees in an orchard. However, if you are like so many people who don’t have a large amount of land to establish an orchard, this article was designed to introduce the reader to a method called cordon. Cordons are usually grown at a 45 degree angle to maximize growing space.

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If you don’t have the wall or space to install wire to train the tree to,  they can even be grown straight up in containers. Because they are pruned to be compact they take up almost no space. While a single cordon won’t give you bushels of fruit, a few of them will provide many pounds of fruit.

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This information on cordon trees, how to plant and prune them is from Growveg with videos from Ashridge Nurseries. The method known as cordon creates an optimum growing environment while only taking up a very small space in the garden. The author goes into great detail explaining how cordon growing works and shows how easy it is done.

Benefits of reading Backyard Gardening 101: Growing Fruit On Space Saving Cordon Trees

Learn about a unique way that people are using to maximize their fruit yield even in the smallest spaces.
The author really goes into great detail to explain what cordon is and how anyone can use it successfully.
All of the information is very well researched and presented in a way that makes it very easy to read.
You will also find numerous full-color pictures inside that help to provide a good visual reference.

 Planting a cordon tree

Pruning the first year

Pruning the 2nd year

Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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