GardeningGrowing Peppers in Colder Climates Gardening Tips

Growing Peppers in Colder Climates Gardening Tips

These methods of growing peppers in colder climates gardening tips will give your garden harvest a huge boost. Help your pepper plants grow strong with delicious vegetables for the picking.

Growing Peppers in Colder Climates Gardening Tips

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There are many options for peppers, both hybrid and heirloom varieties in many colors and flavors.

Luckily for those in colder areas, peppers do very well when pre-sprouted and grow happily in pots. You can even transplant young pepper plants bought from a nursery. Use our tips to help you grow healthy and vibrant peppers ready to pair with any meal.

Starting Young Plants

Peppers do best in drained but moist soil, with warmth (65 to 80 F). Use a heat mat if growing very young plants. You can grow them in cooler conditions and their growth rate will be slower, but they may be stronger in the end! Use grow lights if growing indoors. Transfer them outside only if the temperature remains over 50 degrees at night.

Encourage Robust Growth

Pinch off flower buds if they try to grow too early. This will encourage the plant to grow better roots and leaves instead of wasting energy on fruiting. Plant the peppers 18 to 24 inches apart to provide some shade for developing peppers. Use mulch around the plants, but don’t smother the stalk. Use a high-nitrogen fertilizer once the plants begin to make peppers.

Harvest In Stages

Take the first few peppers early to encourage the plant to make more. Remember that green peppers are underripe, and if left on the vine until they turn color, they will ripen into a sweeter, fuller fruit. Try freezing cut peppers to store them, or pickle them for a longer shelf life. Remember hot peppers are hot, so use gloves if handling fresh ones!

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