WaterHidrate Spark Water Bottle Product Review

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle Product Review

The Hidrate Spark water bottle product review will share everything you need to know about this pretty new invention that comes with its own smartphone app. Its benefits are also numerous. In fact, it is first of its kind.

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle Product Review

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It has a sensor that will automatically track your water intake by recording the quantity of water you are drinking. The bottle syncs with hydration app via bluetooth to enable you record how much you have drunk on your phone.

If you are like so many people these days you don’t drink anywhere near enough water. This is probably because you drink too much coffee, tea or some sort of sugary drink. Unfortunately, while those drinks are made mostly of water, the additional additives take away from the benefits of the water.

It also reminds you when to drink more water via its glowing feature. There are several glow types from which you can pick. By keeping track of how much water you have taken, it helps you achieve your daily hydration goal.

In order for your body to truly get all of the real benefits of the water you drink, it needs to be plain old water from a tap or some kind of filtered variety. With that said, most people do not drink nearly enough water everyday to ensure they remain properly hydrated. According to health experts the average person should drink at least 8x 16 oz. glasses of water everyday.

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle Product Review

Unfortunately, most people have a hard time keeping track of how much water they drink. This makes it really difficult to ensure that they are getting anywhere near the recommended amount of water each day. This is probably what may have been the reason why the person who created the Hidrate Spark 2.0 Water Bottle.

This bottle takes all of the guesswork out of whether or not you drank enough water that day. Using a combination of several different technologies, a person can fill the bottle multiple times with fresh water and as they begin drinking from the bottle, they will instantly know how many ounces of water they drank by simply looking at an app on their phone.

Health Benefits –

The importance of good hydration cannot be over emphasized. It enhances your mental alertness, it improves digestion and nutrient distribution and it also reduces constipation.

It enhances soft skin by preventing wrinkles. Proper hydration helps to reduce the craving for food so it enhances weight loss. Since dehydration keeps you prone to pain, good hydration prevents pain. Good hydration also prevents kidney stone. Most importantly, hydration strengthens your immune system. In other words, this smart bottle helps you stay healthy by reminding you regularly to drink water.

Being well hydrated leads to improved cognition, physical strength and general mood. In fact, drinking water improves your overall health.

Adequate water balance in our bodies allows nutrients to be transported and properly absorbed. This helps our digestive system to work more efficiently to process food, which can lead to assisting in weight loss. Additionally, drinking more water gives our stomachs a sense of fullness, which reduces the amount of food we eat, which also helps with weight loss.

The water present in our bodies works to flush out toxins and waste that could be potentially harmful. The removal of these toxins leads to clearer skin, with less acne breakouts, and stronger kidneys. Lack of water is also one of the most common reasons for feeling tired. Drinking more water can improve daily life in countless ways that can be evident externally and internally.

While there may be a number of water bottles on the market that claim to be able to track your water consumption, they are not all created equally. This review was designed to introduce you to the Hidrate Spark 2.0 Water Bottle.

So you now appreciate this smart bottle better. It helps you live healthy and it allows you to do it in style. This smart bottle syncs with Fitbit, Apple watch, Apple health kit, Under Armour, Jawbone Up and Google Fit.

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle Product Review

Key features

● Holds a large amount of water

● Easy Twist-off lid with quick release cap

● Smartphone App included

● Sync’s with several top Fitness Trackers

● Uniquely grippable exterior

● Built in water level sensor


● Connects to most smartphones running Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS

● Wirelessly tracks your water consumption

● Simple notification of when you need to drink more water

● Sync’s easily using bluetooth to your Fitbit and many other popular tracking software

● Unique diamond texture on the exterior makes it easy to hold on to

● Comes in a variety of colors – White, Green, Teal, Pink, Purple, Black



You may not always view the flashing light of your water bottle encouraging you to drink but luckily the Hidrate Spark app will send you a text to your smartphone with witty suggestions that will actually make you chuckle. The text are quite funny “Just stop and Drink”.

The oversized center tube makes it a little be rough to put in large amount of ice cubes (might not be a good idea to add ice which displaces water – therefore confusing water measurement)

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle Product Review

Bonus Information

It has a sleek design and it comes with replaceable battery. You don’t have to recharge the battery when they get low since you can just replace them.

The bottle has a capacity of 710 ml and it is made out of Tritan food safe plastic so it is free of any safety issue. The bottle can be washed in a dishwasher as long as you remove the sensor stick from the lid. Even the sensor stick can be hand washed.

It is leak proof and it comes with a carrying strap that makes it easy to carry the bottle. Since the manufacturers expect you to carry it along, it fits common cup holders, bike bottle cages and backpack pockets. It is also very light when empty.


It is made of rugged and tough plastic so that even if it drops several times, it won’t break. To prevent it from slipping off your hand, it is designed to have grippy texture. Its app allows users to customize their hydration goal. The app also keeps hydration history until you reset it. It allows you to monitor a friend’s progress in his hydration goal. Finally, the app allows you to see the bottle’s last paired location on a map.

The entirely plastic bottle is sleek enough to fit in gym bags and features a monochromatic hue. The lid can be unscrewed to facilitate water refills. A white sensing stick extends from the lid to the bottom of the bottle, and the cap is opened with a push button for taking sips.

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle Product Review

Yes, the bottle comes with an app. This is an example of technology working to help us take better care of ourselves. The app sends reminders to encourage you to drink water, and uses metrics such as your height and weight, in addition to temperature and humidity to ensure that you are adequately hydrated. The Hidrate Spark water bottle retail price is $55, which includes the app. The technology is obviously the selling point for the somewhat steep cost of the water bottle. However, water is a major part of any healthy lifestyle, and the Hidrate Spark water bottle may be the hydration tool that will finally help you to achieve your long-term health goals.

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle Product Review

My Final Thoughts

Like so many other people these days, I don’t drink nearly as much water as I should.Trying to remember if I drank my daily recommended amount of water is not easy, but I can definitely tell when I don’t. So when I was first introduced the Hidrate Spark 2.0 Water Bottle, I was instantly hooked. It is one of the most amazing little inventions that I have ever found, I no longer have to remember if I drank the right amount of water.

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle Product Review

Thanks to a built in sensor, the bottle does all the tracking for me and then transfers the information via bluetooth to my smartphone. From there, I can sync it to my Fitbit dashboard and I can see whether or not I reached my goal or not. Along with the app, I also get a subtle reminder from the bottle in the form of a flashing light to tell me that I need to drink more.

It may be common knowledge to drink more water, but it can be difficult during our hectic days to keep track of the amount of water we consume. Therefore, the Hidrate Spark water bottle is the perfect marriage of necessity and technology, which works to promote a healthier life for those who use it. If you are seeking for a way to increase your daily intake of water, Hidrate Spark water bottle may be exactly what you need.


The Hidrate Spark 2.0 Water Bottle is a truly amazing innovation and if you want to get your hands on one, just click here… http://hidratespark.com/

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