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How to Get Go Configure to Install your Sojag Gazebo

Turn your dream backyard improvement into a reality with ShelterLogic’s one-stop service delivery that provides access to first-rate Sojag products as well as prompt, professional installation thanks to the company’s partnership with the GoConfigure Assembly service. From pergolas to gazebos, solariums, and pergolas, you can take advantage of ShelterLogic’s all-inclusive solutions to buy and install your outdoor roofed structure seamlessly. Not only does this help ensure you choose the best possible Sojay product you’ll also avoid any guesswork and grunt work in the installation process with first-rate professional assistance.

The entire process is as simple as placing your order on the site and then giving Go Configure’s installation crew a day or two to come over for the installation. Give or take, this can take you only just a few days to unfold. It’ll take a few days for your products to be shipped to your doorstep, immediately after which the installation crew will swing into action at the installation site. Read on for a more detailed outline of all the steps involved.

Step 1: Setting up Your Order On ShelterLogic’s Official Website

After you’ve marked out the spot where you want to erect the outdoor structure, you can head over to ShelterLogic’s official website and choose from the vast range of Sojag products in their Sojag product inventory. Load the product in your cart, opt for professional installation, and provide your address on your checkout page.

Note that you may need to use a third-party trucking company to deliver your assemblage from ShelterLogic’s warehouse. While the delivery team works on conveying your product to your location, ShelterLogic will work on dispatching a GoConfigure team to your location in a well-coordinated fashion.

Step 2: Preparing for the Assembly Day

The delivery truck will most likely leave your package at your doorstep or walkway. Once you get your package, open to check for any damages or deformities. With the package in good condition, you can begin preparations for the arrival of the installation team. Make sure the site you picked for the structure has ample space for a crew to work in. The rule of thumb is picking a spot with at least 4 ft radius free space around it.

The most ideal sites to mount a roofed backyard structure include the poolside, near the fence, or in any focal area of the backyard. But it’s always advisable to pick a site that’s sufficiently removed from the entrance or windows of the house to make for more privacy in the secluded area and to also prevent smoke from blowing inside the house if you’ll be using a grill.

To expedite the crew’s work, you can clear the installation site ahead of time. Ideally, you should set up the foundation of the structure properly. You can choose either concrete, wood, or other types of flooring materials based on various factors. If you want a tiled floor or other sophisticated finishes, for instance, you need to opt for a concrete foundation. But you can still leave the foundation to the installation team if you’re unsure of what type of foundation to use.

On the assembly day, all you’ll have to do is to make sure the crew has adequate space to work in. They’ll bring along everyone and everything they need to roll out the installation from start to finish. Depending on the complexity of the task, the crew might take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete the installation.

Once they’re through, the crew will clean up after themselves and pave a clean path to your spanking new backyard getaway. You can then go ahead and add personal touches with décor and functionalities. Your backyard roofed structure can be a work in progress, undergoing changes to its décor, features, and functions based on seasons and occasions. Whatever the case might be, don’t forget the fundamentals of a good outdoor roofed structure, including good lighting, ample storage space, and the peculiar maintenance requirements of the product you used.


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