KnittingHow To Knit a Rotini Scarf

How To Knit a Rotini Scarf

Why bother with knitting your own scarf, you ask? After all, it involves a lot of work, not to mention that there are lots of beautiful scarves out there that you can get for cheap prices. Well, this is a great question. Yes, it is easy to purchase a decent scarf for just a few bucks so why spend more on hand spun yarn and knitting for a whole week just to see the finished product? Not that economical, right?

But, according to Katherine Martinko, there is so much more to knitting a scarf than this. The mere act of knitting is a one of a kind combination of activism and relaxation, of tradition and protest. This is why there are a lot of hands to try your hand on knitting.

For starters, with knitting your own scarf, you can be sure that you are making a high quality product. Since you invested your time and money into the scarf, it makes it more valuable compared to other things you can buy for a few dollars. With proper care, your knitted scarf can last for years, stilling keeping its color and shape long after those cheaper scarves have been damaged.

The value of clothes has plummeted to the point that they have become practically disposable. You can help the planet if you stop purchasing cheap items that will not last and invest instead in fewer but higher quality ones that can stand the test of time.
Maggierama shares some tips on how to create your own Rotini Scarf that will make you enjoy the benefits of knitting your own scarf and more.

Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
Raised in rural Montana and educated in Mechanical Engineering and Sustainable Development, Paige Raymond combines a practical mindset with a passion for self-reliance and sustainability. With expertise ranging from mechanical solutions and food preservation to emergency preparedness and renewable energy, Paige is a proud author with more than 5000 published articles.

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