Natural Beauty RecipesHow To Make Natural Beauty Organic Make Up

How To Make Natural Beauty Organic Make Up

How to make natural beauty organic make up is easy, inexpensive and one of the kindest thing you could do to improve the health of your skin.

Your skin will thank you by having less acne breakouts and creating a warm healthy glow when you choose to use homemade natural make up options. Honestly, you can make small batches in your home for pennies on the dollar while not damaging your skin. Most ingredients for natural beauty recipes can easily be found in your own kitchen. Eye shadows, face powder, mascara and even eyeliner are super easy to make and once you get the hand of it – I doubt you will go back to store bought items.

The processed chemicals and preservatives added to factory made make up so it will last for 5 years while it is sitting in a warehouse, during transportation to a retail store and time spent waiting on a shelf for you to purchase it does nothing but harm your skin once applied.

  • Arrowroot – base for eye shadows and face powder (Buy here)

  • Cocoa powder for brown eye shadow or face powder

  • Beet powder for pink eye shadow (Buy here)

  • Spirulina for green eye shadow (Buy here)

  • Activated charcoal for black/gray eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner (Buy here)

  • Nutmeg for golden brown eye shadow or face powder

Face powder container (Buy here)      Eye Shadow containers (Buy here)

How To Make Natural Beauty Organic Make Up

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