GardeningHow to Plant Shrubs in the Autumn

How to Plant Shrubs in the Autumn

This step by step tutorial of how to plant shrubs in the autumn is an excellent way to increase the living landscape on your homestead. Adding shrubbery to your homestead can be a great way to add some accents to your outdoor paradise while also serving as wind insulator for your home during those cold, windy months.

When you’re planning this type of project, you’ll want to choose some shrubs that can survive the winters your area goes through each year. The great thing about planting them in the fall season is the shrubs you can find leftover from the earlier seasons are reduced to such low prices, you’re practically stealing them.

How to Plant Shrubs in the Autumn

Along with the shrubs, you’ll want to consider adding a few other tools and necessities for the project you have in mind if you don’t have them on hand at home. If you’re looking at the project below, you’ll want to pick up some wire line for keeping your row straight and a shovel to dig the holes as deep as you need to cover your shrubs.

From there, you’ll want to follow the steps below as you find the perfect location for your hedgerow and prepare that area for your newly purchased shrubs. They’ll add such a sweet touch to your home as you provide a boundary line at the edge of your property or a line that clearly divides the home from the yard, providing a nice buffer from the wind either way.

As you work your way through all the steps, you’ll find yourself looking forward to spring when these shrubs start really growing, spreading their foliage for all to see.

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Melissa Francis
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