AquaponicIndoor Aquaponic Hydroponic Food Production System DIY Project

Indoor Aquaponic Hydroponic Food Production System DIY Project

This Indoor Aquaponic Hydroponic Food Production System DIY Project will help you to to create and maintain a constant food supply year-round.

Indoor Aquaponic Hydroponic Food Production System DIY Project - The Homestead Survival - Gardening

Everyone deserves a clean environment and the aquaponics can help us achieve it. Aquaponics is the combination of plants and the fish in the same medium. The term used to better explain it is the aquaculture. In aquaponics the set up used is soil-less and the plants grow there, while the fish keep living in the water beneath the plants. The fish provides fertilizers for the plants for their nourishment while the plants make an ecosystem for the fish. They both have a symbiotic relationship with each other and can live easily.

This method is used in areas where there is a lot of pollution as it purifies the air. We can design the indoor set up well. One needs to follow certain precautions before setting it up. Most of all this aquaponic get very heavy as both plants and fish are living things and they grow so the weight is increased. It can reach up to hundreds of pounds. Once ready an aquaponic, we need to give and leave proper space for the plants to grow and that their roots have enough space as well.

The drain cycle must be properly adjusted. There are pumps and certain other electronic apparatus required for the proper cycle of water and to keep the things fresh. Once it is all ready you should try and test it before adding the fishes and confirm its proper working.

If there are any flaws fix it prior to adding the fishes. These things are very healthy for our lives and they bring about a positive change in our environment. Everyone should have this aquaponic in their homes as there are less water wastage and the more fresh environment around us.

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