GardeningIts Time To Save Your Seeds Learn How

Its Time To Save Your Seeds Learn How

Its Time To Save Your Seeds Learn How

Now that fall is here it is time to save your seeds for next year. Learn how to save your favorite tomato, pepper, melons, squashes and other fruit and vegetable seeds. This way you will not have to buy them year after year. If you use heirloom seeds you can save the seeds from your garden produce and grow them. If you are using gmo or hybrid seeds they are not so good for saving. Mist gmo seeds are a one and done, meaning they can not be saved and will not germinate.

Learning how to save the seeds from your favorite heirloom plants will ensure that you always have a supply of seeds that will germinate and that you will always be able to grow that favorite heirloom tomato or bean and all the other plants that you like to grow. Now is when the garden is starting to shut down for winter and the plants are trying to produce seed to ensure they survive to grow again so now it the time to start saving those seeds.

Its Time To Save Your Seeds Learn How


Rodale’s Organic Life tells you exactly how to save each type of seed so you can start your own next spring instead of having to buy seeds or seedlings. Just make sure you are saving heirloom seeds because the others won’t germinate. If you are not sure you may want to wait till next year and make sure you buy heirloom seeds in the spring so that you will be able to save your seeds next fall.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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