KnittingKnitting Homemade Chicken Sweaters Project

Knitting Homemade Chicken Sweaters Project

This knitting homemade chicken sweaters project is a great way to add a little extra warmth to the members of your flock that are vulnerable this winter.

Do you have a chicken that has lost it feathers on it’s back and needs a bit of help to stay warm ?

Knitting Homemade Chicken Sweaters Project

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Here are two different patterns of sweaters for bald or bare battery hens. The major function of feathers in hens is to keep them warm. But some of them have lost their feathers for one reason or the other. It will be dangerous and insensitive to send out this kind of hens in cold weather because they need to be kept warm.

This is where these sweaters come in handy. A well-made sweater can keep a bare hen warm for as long as it is worn.

Making a sweater is actually not as difficult as you may think. You will confirm that when you go through the instructions now.

The first one is the little hen version while the other one is Nanny North’s version. Even though there are slight differences between them. They both follow the same basic steps.

The materials needed for the little hen version are double knitting yarn, 4mm crochet hook, knitted in stocking stitch with garter stitch borders, a pair of No. 8 knitting needles and a 10 cm Velcro or 2 buttons, it depends on your preference.

Bear in mind that a 100g of yarn will be enough to make three sweaters.

In case you are not into knitting, number 8 needle is 4mm in length. The materials needed Nanny North’s version of sweater are virtually the same with the ones listed above.

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