SewingMake a Romantic Lace Sweater from Pieces

Make a Romantic Lace Sweater from Pieces

This step to step tutorial of how to make a romantic lace sweater from pieces is a great way to make a gypsy bohemian style shirt from bits of lace, doilies and fabric trim. Just because some of your clothes you have in closet may have gone out of style, you can breath new life into them by adding a little something like lace.

With just a little work you can use some vintage lace or doilies you have stored over the years and turn an old sweater into something new. So if you have some old clothes you don’t wear, instead of just throwing them away, just add a little frilly lace.

Make a Romantic Lace Sweater from Pieces

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Benefits of following the Romantic Lace Sweater

● A full explanation of the process to follow

● Full color images of materials needed

● Full color images of the final result

● Shows a great way to repurpose an old sweater

When most people are thinking about being thrifty it usually refers to saving money when you buy items from the store. You also can be thrifty when it comes to clothing, especially for those old clothing items you have in your closet. Old sweaters and blouses may no longer be in style and are just taking of space, instead of doing Spring cleaning and tossing out the old to make room for the new, try spicing up the old sweater.

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