Make Your Own Gel Air Fresheners

Make Your Own Gel Air Fresheners

Learn how to make your own gel air fresheners and create your own unique scents for every room in your house. This tutorial shows how to make a cinnamon and orange scented freshener but you can use pretty much any essential oil or combination of them. Most people can identify cinnamon due to its unique and prominent sharp aroma. Cinnamon is often used in desserts and savoury dishes as well. Most people use cinnamon in its powdered form but it is often utilised in its stick form as well.

Make Your Own Gel Air Fresheners

The color of a cinnamon stick is a mid-brown. People appreciate using cinnamon for different purposes specifically due to its spicy flavour, aromatic scent and delicious taste it can bring to a dish.It works really well with the orange scent in this freshener, makes me think of fall. I like to make one with lemon grass oil and eucalyptus for the bedroom and one made with pink grapefruit essential oil for the bath room. Choose the oils to create a calming scent or an invigorating scent depending on where you will place the freshener.

In this article from Shaken Together Life, the author has used orange and cinnamon to prepare an air freshener. Orange is also known for its fruity and fresh smell and is often used in cosmetics for its aroma and other benefits. This air freshener is a very good option for using in the fall season. It will give the air around you a spicy scent of the cinnamon complemented by the tangy, fresh and fruity aroma of the orange. Easily storable in mason jars, it is a convenient home item to have.


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