Make Some Root Beer Flavored Moonshine


If you like to try new flavors of moonshine you may like this recipe for making root beer flavored moonshine. I would imagine anyone that loves root beer and a drink once in a while would probably love root beer flavored moonshine. If you know someone who would love this make it for them for Christmas or a birthday present.

Make Some Root Beer Flavored Moonshine

It will definitely be something they won’t find in a store. The recipe to make this root beer moonshine is from Cookpad. It doesn’t take too many ingredients to make this and very little work. It looks like if you make it as directed this recipe will make about 14 cups of finished beverage. If you would like to try some really good moonshines now that they are legal, ( was probably more fun getting drunk when it was all hiding and being a little afraid of getting caught with prohibited shine) but at least now you know you can buy it and most likely not die or go to jail over it lol.

For a list of the best moonshines and where to buy them you can check out this article from Southern Living for The Best Legal Moonshine.  There is a list of 8 and you can enter your location to find the nearest place to buy some in your area. So you can buy the best and make root beer moonshine for all of your shine drinking buds.


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