Mending Basics: 4 Simple Techniques to Repair Damaged Clothes


Why buy new clothes if yours are still good. Maybe you lost a button or or got a small tear. Feelgood style has a nice how to fix these and a couple other problems to help you hang on to those favorites articles of clothing a while longer. Here is a tip from me. When you are sewing a button on to a coat or jacket or anything that is more expensive and will get a lot of wear and tear. sew a smaller button on the backside of the material at the same time you sew the button onto the front. A lot of coats get holes in the where the button not only came off but pulled a chunk of the material out of the garment when it came off. The smaller button helps to reduce the stress to that one crucial area and save you from having a hole pulled right out of the garment.

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Mending Basics




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