Old Fashioned Homesteading Ways to Predict Weather

Old Fashioned Homesteading Ways to Predict Weather

These old fashioned homesteading ways to predict weather use clouds, the sky, smell, animals
and even a few old wives tales to help forecast if rain is coming. Nowadays we get our weather predicted by highly educated men and women using very expensive and high tech equipment that is designed to analyze thousands and thousands of bits of data.

Back in the day, people who lived on farms and worked outdoors did not have all the fancy gadgets and degrees to be able to predict what the weather was going to be that day or even days in the future.
Old Fashioned Homesteading Ways to Predict Weather

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This article was written as a way to educate its readers on the old fashioned ways that people would used in order to predict the weather. The methods described in the article vary from cloud formations in the distance to the behaviors of certain farm animals to unique color formations in the sky and finally certain smells would give away the impending arrival of storms nearby.

Benefits of reading the Old Fashioned Ways to Predict Weather

● The article shows that while all of the fancy gadgets are fine, but they don’t replace the simpleness of the old ways

● The article is broken up into four different segments and includes multiple examples related to it

● Includes a couple of full color photos that depict the subject of several of the topics of the article

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