Emergency PreparednessParacord Car Steering Wheel Wrap Project

Paracord Car Steering Wheel Wrap Project

A paracord car steering wheel wrap project is a way to use foresight to incorporate emergency preparedness supply into a functional use of having a firmer grip upon the steering wheel. Some people may even consider it a fashion accessory to add contrast of color and texture that can cover up an aged steering wheel.

Paracord cordage comes in an endless amount of colors to be weaved in and out using different techniques, let’s start with a simple one.

Yes, hopefully we all have an emergency preparedness kit that is changed out seasonally in the trunk of vehicle just in case we may become stranded, lost or in an accident. If not, you can integrate smaller efforts stashed away into different parts of your vehicle.

You will need to be aware of where you position knots, starts and stops because of how your hand will grip the wheel. You will need to test how comfortable your hands feel upon the paracord once you are done.

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Paracord Car Steering Wheel Wrap Project

There is not a specific amount of paracord needed because the estimated amount depends on the chosen areas of the steering wheel that will be wrapped and the tightness of the wrap. The amount can be from 150 feet to 350 feet but may vary.

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