DessertsPineapple Jello Rings in a Can Vintage Recipe

Pineapple Jello Rings in a Can Vintage Recipe

Pineapple Jello Rings in a Can Vintage Recipe is one of the simple yet creative and always delicious. If you are heading to a potlunch dinner, try this in 3 different flavors – served side by side for a colorful display.

Pineapple Jello Rings in a Can Vintage Recipe - The Homestead Survival


1 – (20 ounce) can pineapple rings

1 – (3 ounce) box Lime Jell-O gelatin dessert



1. Drain the juice from the pineapple (leave the rings in the can) and bring the Pineapple juice to a boil.

2. Combine the boiling juice and the jello and mix really well.  Do NOT add the cold water like the jello box directions say.

3. Pour the mixture into the can of pineapple rings.

4. Run a fork down the center to get the jello in between each ring. Chill.

5. When ready to serve, invert the can on the serving dish, and slice between each ring.


A homesteading reader “Amy” shared “My mother used to make this with various colors of jello. It’s good and looks pretty. Unmolding is a snap if you poke a hole in the bottom with a can opener when you’re ready to unmold. Speaking from personal experience, be careful it doesn’t roll off the plate after it’s unmolded. It’s round & slippery.”


Click here to read about how to make a batch of Pineapple Jello Rings in a Can Vintage Recipe:


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