Delicious Lemon Pound Cake


Pound cake basically refers to the kind of cake that is made with a pound of every of 4 ingredients, which include sugar, eggs, butter, and flour. Generally, pound cakes are baked in either Bundt mold or loaf pan and served dusted with powdered sugar, coat of icing, and lightly glazed.

It’s believed that pound cake originated in Northern Europe back in early 1700s. The recipe of pound cakes is published in year 1796. In the long run, ingredients for pound cakes changed. There is a recipe where 10 eggs were used, beat them slightly, mixed them with 1-pound flour, and added juice of 3 big oranges or 2 lemons. This changed the texture and flavor of the cake.

The cake flour won’t work in place of all-purpose flour since it lacks the strength to support heavy batter. There are different variations on traditional pound cake with particular regions and countries having distinctive styles. Such may include the addition of flavoring agents or dried fruits and alterations to the traditional recipe to change characteristics of resulting pound cake.

If you love everything about lemons and you enjoy eating pound cakes, the 1920 Lemon Pound Cake Recipe of Ritz Carlton is something you should miss. Key Ingredient has shared this delicious recipe.