Whipped Topping with Low Carb and Keto Options


Check out this recipe for a healthy whipped topping that you can make including low carb and keto options.

Cool Whip Original is basically made of different ingredients such as hydrogenated vegetable oil including palm kernel and coconut oils, water, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, skim milk, sodium caseinate, light cream, guar gums, xanthan, artificial and natural flavor, sorbitan monostearate, beta carotene, and sodium polyphosphate.

If those ingredients are kind of problematic to you, especially if you are into healthy lifestyle, you might think of various alternatives from cool whip. While most of its ingredients are toxic to the body, you can never deny the fact the deliciousness that it brings to various recipes, right? For some, cool whip has no other alternatives.

A lot of family favorite dessert recipes from 70s and 80s were actually based on cool whip. However, you don’t need to get rid of such recipes if you want to avoid processed foods like the cool whip because you can try this homemade and healthy cool whip.

This recipe from Health Starts in the Kitchen is made with some simple ingredients and may be made keto and low-carb friendly through swapping your favorite zero carb sweetener.