GardeningRecusing Broken Clay Pots and Replanting with a Succulent Twist

Recusing Broken Clay Pots and Replanting with a Succulent Twist

Many homesteading gardeners are recusing broken clay pots and replanting with a succulent twist instead of just throwing them in the trash.  Being a frugal minded person, I have a hard time throwing anything away that might even remotely might have a functional second chance life.

Thinking outside of the box has resulted in quite a few brilliant ideas that many of my friend’s rave about and even a couple awards at the county fair.

Do you have active kids, energy filled pets or just serve weather conditions that could result in broken clay gardening pots ?

Yes, this step by step tutorial actually takes the time to slice a U shape portion out of the side of a clay pot. Honestly, I would only do this project if I had broken a pot and could not stand to throw it away.

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Recusing Broken Clay Pots and Replanting with a Succulent Twist

Here are some other ideas to use broken clay pots in your garden and around your home.

Small pieces can be used as a protective moisture control over the dirt and around your plants in your in your planters. It is also helpful for keeping animals & birds out as well.

You can use medium clay pot pieces to write fruit, herbs and vegetables names upon to create plant label markers.

Even a simple upturned pot can provide a safe haven for frogs and lizards seeking shelter. Providing shelter helps keep your garden in balance as they keep your insect population in check.

Easily create a spill pot by growing trailing plants to cascade down the sides or out the front. Push the broken portion of the pot in the soil. Onlookers may not even have a clue that the clay pot is broken.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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