Emergency PreparednessResources For The People Of Oklahoma - Can You Help ?

Resources For The People Of Oklahoma – Can You Help ?


Untrained Housewife website shares resources to help the people affected by the tornado that has changed so many lives.

Please take a moment to think about all the lives that were lost and how we can help the people who need us to help rebuild their lives.

  • Taking Care of People – Missing persons and people-based services like massage.

  • Communications – Phone donations, needs, and services

  • Recovered Items – Lost and Found for photos, documents, etc.

  • Animals – Donations for Supplies, Lost or Found, and Medical Attention

  • Supplies and Donations – Items being offered (Tarps, etc.), Drop Off and Distribution Points, etc.

  • Housing – Temporary AND Longer-Term Shelters

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A natural disaster can happen to anyone – anytime  – anywhere…. Please take the time and effort to prepare for your family’s well being in a time of crisis.

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