CraftsRound Up Of Fall Craft Projects

Round Up Of Fall Craft Projects

If you enjoy creating decor for your home for the seasons and holidays you will love this great round up of fall craft projects. They are all really cute and I know a lot of folks really love to decorate for certain times and holidays.

Round Up Of Fall Craft Projects

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When I first saw the candy corn jars I was planning to share that post from Mason Jar Crafts Love but then I was looking through her site and saw so many things I really like and then this round up. It has the candy corn jars but she also rounded up some neat craft projects and made a nice list of things you can make for fall and Halloween. There are cookies, and glow in the dark slime in a jar ( the kids will love that one). And then there are ghosts, monsters and mummies made from jars. All  of the ideas revolve around canning jars so if yours are not all filled with food you may want to use some for your fall and Halloween decorating.

My favorite is still the candy corn jars. Hers are super cute with the dead black flowers in them. She got her inspiration for them from another site and she provides the link to it. On that site they lady used other types of jars and vases, so for anyone that wants to make the candy corn jars but have no canning jars, I am just letting you know that you can use any kind of jar.


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