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Sales Tax Holidays By State

Sales Tax Holidays By State

Check out this site to find out what sales tax holidays may be in your state. This is good info for everyone to have since most of us are feeling the pinch these days from skyrocketing food prices, soaring gas prices and the myriad of other taxes we are all being bombarded with.

Some states offer a tax-free week-end or week for back to school shopping, some for severe weather related purchases, some for energy-efficient and water efficient purchases, clothing, footwear, computers and a couple states even have them for firearms, ammo, archery and hunting supplies, generators, chain saws and even more.

See the list at Sales Tax Institute and see if any of the sales tax holidays apply in your state. I can save any Wisconsinites time by telling you there are none for us but if you will be in any of the states that do have them you may still get something from this list.

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