SewingSew Footie One Piece Pajamas From Old Blankets

Sew Footie One Piece Pajamas From Old Blankets

Sew footie one piece pajamas from old blankets. This step by step tutorial of how to sew a footie one piece pajamas from old blankets is a great way to stay cuddly warm all winter long comfortably. Homesteaders of all ages love soft warm pajamas especially in winter when it is a struggle to keep the house fully heated due to the cold temperatures outside.

Just to give a give peek at how simple it is to make a pattern – think back to elementary school when your teacher asked you to lay down on long white butcher paper and she drew an outline of your body in black ink marker. Later on, your teacher gave you the outline and told you to draw your clothes and such. The same principle is used to make the pattern for these pajamas. Lay the blanket flat on the ground, lay upon it and have a friend use a contrasting color marker to loosely outline your body.

Sew Footie One Piece Pajamas from Old Blankets

A soft Fleece or Chenille blanket, a flannel top sheet or any warm breathable thin blanket will work for this project. These are great for kids in the winter. Keeps them warm and cozy from the neck to the toes.

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