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Signs to avoid working with a real estate agent

When it comes to real estate, people get very nervous yet excited because of the transition they will be taking in life from either relocating or if they are choosing to sell, it isn’t an easy decision. Many potential homebuyers can be very tight when it comes to hiring any real estate agent in Egypt and you can’t blame them either. They have to choose the right representation for themselves which is essential towards reaching their real estate goals as well as their potential investments within the real estate industry.

Homebuyers are looking for someone who is trustworthy, professional as well as experienced in the field of real estate. When homebuyers are looking for real estate they want to rest easy knowing they are in great hands. Here are some of the many signs that can occur that would make you want to step back from hiring such a real estate agent in the first place.


Once you meet a real estate agent, try to understand how they conduct their business, body language can help as well with such tactics as knowing if someone is reliable with your future endeavors or not. You must ask them all the right questions and have to listen to their responses and if they are clearly hearing you or not. Be sure to ask them if their schedule is flexible in the case that you are looking for a property that has a certain timing for a showing.


As you already know, the real estate industry is much localized and there are homebuyers and home sellers about every corner in the world. Potential clients are looking for real estate agents that would know certain places and neighborhoods as if it was second nature as well as knowing all the right places that would look perfect for certain people. A real estate agent shouldn’t look forward to wasting your time with places that wouldn’t peak your interest and not having the right knowledge when it comes to the neighborhood you are looking to pursue.

If you find your real estate agent is not familiar with the area that you are looking to pursue your real estate transactions, it would be best to look elsewhere if you are really dedicated to a certain property in mind.

If you are a real estate agent, you should look forward to showcase your expertise in the local areas as well as past transactions that you have finished and cover all your bases when it comes to resources, community pages and even blog articles where you can provide to potential clients in the case that they want to know if you are informed and updated. The ideal agent for a potential home buyer is someone who knows everything that they are looking for when it comes to a future purchase, as well as their target location to consume less time finding their dream household.


As a real estate agent, you should be punctual and organized, which are common signs of respectfulness and trustworthiness. Real estate agents already have a bad history when it comes to being on time, so you wouldn’t be doing yourself any favors by going with the trend. It will obviously be harder to gain your clients trust and respect back once you make it a habit of not keeping your word in the first place. You want to avoid being negative towards your clients and being positive towards their potential properties that you will be providing the best service and not just going with the flow whether or not your client is satisfied. Try your best to always be on time or even being there before the appointment to make sure that you respect the client and their schedule as well.


Communication skills are key when it comes to a real estate agent. You need to find someone who is looking forward to communicating with you as much as possible to finish the deal sooner than later. Communicating with your real estate agent whether it’s via phone, text messages or even online, it is essential in the real estate business. Potential home buyers don’t want to deal with an agent who can rarely answer their calls or even return them and choose to waste time when it comes to informing them anything about further information about their transactions.


When it comes to first meeting a real estate agent, many home buyers would require that they would have some kind of past testimonials and transactions that can be provided to know that the real estate agent is reliable and trustworthy. When a real estate agent is lacking testimonials it makes the potential home buyers assume that there must be something to hide in the process. To potential clients, a real estate agent without references is just as bad a movie with negative reviews, it is not worth your time. If you are a real estate agent, you should play towards your strengths and avoid any kind of attitude of selling yourself and not meeting your expectations that you are selling to your potential clients. Rather than speaking of what you can or will do for your client, let your actions speak for yourself by doing everything that needs to be done to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that your potential clients gain maximum satisfaction.

Bryan Thomas
Bryan Thomas
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