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Simple Flooring Projects You Can Do Over a Weekend

The weekend is all about relaxation and spending time with family, but if you’re the type of person that likes to stay busy, we have some great projects you can tackle in a weekend. Are your floors looking a bit past it? Fear not, read on for some simple fixes! Choose the best flooring for your rooms.

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Lay Cheap Laminate

Laminate flooring is readily available from all good home DIY stores. You can pick up laminate in a range of different finishes, from natural wood effect to pastel colours and modern patterns. Laminate is hard-wearing and very inexpensive at the lower end of the price scale. It is suitable for most rooms, with the exception of high-humidity areas such as bathrooms. 

The great thing about laminate is that anyone can fit it. All you need is a chop saw and a jigsaw. The planks usually slot together using a tongue and groove fitting – no glue needed. You’ll get a better finish if you replace the skirting boards at the same time, but this isn’t strictly necessary. Leave a small expansion gap along the edge of the room and finish off with a strip of matching trim. 

Upgrade to Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered flooring is the next step up from laminate. Whereas laminate flooring is laminate on a layer of ply, engineered wood has an upper layer of solid wood, usually oak or walnut. The beauty of this flooring is that you can sand it down several times, as needed. It’s also fairly easy to install, as it usually has a tongue and groove system like laminate flooring. 

Consider adding some electric underfloor heating at the same time.

Sand and Polish Timber Floors

Natural wood floors are all the rage these days and we all love the shabby chic look. If you live in an older property, you probably have floorboards under your carpets. Why not spend a weekend sanding them down? Book an industrial sander from a Hire Shop and get the job done in a day. Next, stain, varnish, wax, or paint the floors to match your décor. It will look amazing!

Decoupage Your Floor

Decoupage is a fun way to add some personality to your floors. You can do this anywhere in the home, but it works well on the staircase – not quite the floor, but kind of. Strip existing floor coverings away and sand down your stairs. Paste pictures on to the risers then finish with a coat of clear varnish. 

Paint the treads a complementary colour and anyone visiting your home will be amazed at the final effect!

Tile Stencilling

Stencilling plain old tiles is a fun way to enliven a boring floor. Make your own stencil or buy from a craft store. Make sure you clean the floor first, using a grease-busting cleaning solution. Use a paint that’s suitable for ceramic tiles, or it won’t adhere to the surface. Give your floor a polish when the paint is dry, for an extra layer of protection.

We hope this guide has inspired you. Have fun this weekend!


Bryan Thomas
Bryan Thomas
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