GardeningStrawberry Plant Propagation for Frugal Gardening | The Homestead Survival

Strawberry Plant Propagation for Frugal Gardening | The Homestead Survival

This Strawberry Plant Propagation for Frugal Gardening article shares a really helpful method for creating more plants for little money, effort and time.

Strawberry Plant Propagation for Frugal Gardening | The Homestead Survival

People can easily grow strawberries in their backyard. There are different ways to plant strawberry seeds. The plants can be divided and have many new seeds, or crowns, have these plants grown directly from the seeds bypassing its natural process, or have the plants be controlled to grow as cloned plants and be utilized better than natural plants. Different types of strawberry plants will naturally or thru pruning grow more lateral seeds at the plant’s base. Plus, the genetic seeds of strawberry plants can be split up into multiple pieces good enough to grow more plants.

Seed-based strawberry plants can allow even more plants to be grown because of the production of its seeds. One strawberry has 200 seeds on its surface. Most of them are useful to grow, but do need to be matured before being used. Growing strawberry plants are not difficult, but a notable question is how one should cultivate the plant. When one strawberry becomes the dominant over the others, its seeds became useless because of the crossbreeding. Growing strawberry plants from seeds from one strawberry will not create actual plants.

Strawberry seeds are stolons, where the stems grow horizontally from the base. From there, a strawberry plant can grow at different sizes because of their nodes. Wherever the roots are on good soil, they will grow in it well and make a cloned plant that is identical to the real one. It allows easiness to propagate the plants and repeat the process.

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