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The Most Common Furnace Problems You Can Encounter

Only a few things are worse than having to deal with a lousy furnace; most times, you need to maintain your furnace. While experts at Furnace Repair Edwardsville assert that repairing your furnace when issues arise is essential, there are some things you can look out for to diagnose problems early before employing an expert.

As winter is here, the furnace becomes an essential appliance because keeping your home warm during the winter is vital. And in all honesty, the one thing you should avoid is a faulty furnace, especially during winter seasons. To keep your home warm and your furnace in good condition at all times, you need to detect problems with your furnace when required and quickly, so you know how to approach issues. To do that, you can start today by learning about the most common furnace repairs and problems and how to spot them.

Common Furnace Problems You Might Encounter According to Experts At Home Furnace Repair Edwardsville, IL

The most common furnace problems that you can experience are:

Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat is one issue most people face concerning a defective furnace. If your fan is constantly working, then your thermostats are probably wrong. In turn, this causes your thermostat battery to run down, and your furnace won’t work correctly. To see if your thermostat is bad, check this by setting the fan on auto to see if it is constantly running at all heating settings.

Dirty & Clogged Filters

A clogged or dirty filter is a common problem people encounter with their furnaces. Local Furnace Repairs Nearby in Edwardsville discovered that a dirty or clogged filter could reduce your furnace’s capacity to work correctly. A dirty or clogged furnace filter can reduce efficiency and damage the limit switch. So ensure you hire a professional to change your filters every three months, so they work well enough.

Dirty Ductwork

Over time, dust and debris can get into your heating ducts, limiting the amount of hot air you receive. Should your furnace not heat your house well enough, compared to before, you need to clean your ductwork. You could also check the airflow by placing your hand in front of the vents and feeling how much air it expels. Always hire an expert HVAC technician to check your ductwork for proper cleaning to avoid dirty ductwork.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger of a furnace separates the warming flame from the air and lets your furnace function properly. But if your heat exchanger is terrible, it could lead to heat being expelled outside your home. Overheating your house and not replacing the air filter could crack your heat exchanger. Call a technician to check and replace your heat exchanger if you notice hot air being expelled outside.


Although listed above are the major furnace problems one can face, others include: pinging noises in your furnace, malfunctioning or frayed blower belt, and limit switch malfunction. To avoid furnace problems, always hire a technician for routine maintenance by the end of every summer and the beginning of every fall. A good technician will diagnose and fix issues that could cause breakdowns or expensive repairs and get it up and running, especially for use during winter.

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