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Top 4 Most Useful Primitive Camping Building Projects

These top 4 most useful primitive camping building projects are a great way to make all the campers a little bit more comfortable.

Top 4 Most Useful Primitive Camping Building Projects

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Camping and hunting are refreshing and natural activities for many people. Eating and sleeping outdoors connects a person to nature and refreshes the soul the way few things can.

Feeling secure outdoors includes only a few necessities like decent shelter for the weather, a fire and food area and some tools to get you through any little adventures you’ll find in the woods.

Sometimes you will camp around a campsite, in a cabin or a basecamp in the deep in the woods. A few essential things will make an area your base camp and a place you can return to time and again.

A good semi-permanent cooking area is essential. A tripod and tree branch with hooks to hold pots, and a raised area to store non perishables can be lashed to trees or stumps for permanence. The fire is often the center place of a camp so sturdy supports for holding food are ideal. Use a tree stump or raised logs to build counters and use natural nooks in wood and stone to create storage.

For making the items in your base camp, use a sawbuck sawn from saplings tied together and a paring ladder to hold wood for scraping bark or carving. The paring ladder itself can be turned into its own furniture too. Take a look at a woodsman’s base camp that effectively uses the four essentials to make his home in the woods.

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Melissa Francis
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