CraftsTurn Washcloth Into Teddy Bear for Child Project

Turn Washcloth Into Teddy Bear for Child Project

Turn Washcloth Into Teddy Bear for Child Project just be an amazing skill to have to cheer up a small child.

Turn Washcloth Into Teddy Bear for Child Project

You may become a last minute babysitter, volutneer for different children charities or make baby shower gift baskets that could comfort and bring joy to a disstressed child.
Then this article can definitely help you.

This teddy bear is very easy to make. The good news is that you can make is from something that can be found inside your house. You can make a fluffy bear using a washcloth!

It is very easy and the steps are straightforward. You just need to get the required materials in order to make a teddy bear. These include a washcloth, rubber bands, and ribbon. After you get them, you can start making your beloved teddy. The steps include how you should roll your washcloth.

Rolling your napkin or tablecloth is a critical step. This article will show you how to do it properly. You can get information about the length of the upper portion (which is about 3/4) of the cloth. There are pictures in every step so that you will know if you are doing the proper way of rolling and folding the cloth.

The article also shows you that the rubber band is used on the head part of the teddy bear. The rubber bands will help form the ears and the face of your bear as well. You have the option to make the shape of the head the way you want it.

The ribbon is like an icing on a cake. The ribbon serves as a finishing touch so that your teddy bear will look cute.

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