GardeningUsing Animal Waste as Gardening Fertilizer

Using Animal Waste as Gardening Fertilizer

Using animal waste as gardening fertilizer has been an ongoing practice to replenish the nutrients of soil for big bountiful harvest. After the Dust Bowl storms from 1932 -1935, homestead gardeners have learned the importance of using a variety of different livestock animal manures.

Using Animal Waste as Gardening Fertilizer

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Using animal waste as fertilizer is becoming more and more popular even with gardeners. Rabbit droppings for instance are prolific poopers, their waste is considered to be gold for gardening as their waster is high in nitrogen and phosphorus. Another benefit of rabbit waste is that it is considered as “cold” manure, which means that there is no need to compost or age it before you use it.

Cow manure is considered as an all-purpose fertilizer as it has less nitrogen but contains balanced nutrients. Cows have four stomachs and as such they digest their food very well and there is little to no chance of weed seeds making their way into the compost pile. To avoid a smelly compost it is advised that it be made into compost before usage.

Using Animal Waste as Gardening Fertilizer
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Goat or sheep dropping are drier than horse, cow or chicken waste, it is also less stinky and they have more nitrogen and potassium. The only issue is that it can be weedy in nature, so it should put in a compost them similarly to horse manure. Horse manure must be put in a compost pile that should reach at least 140 ⁰ in order to kill the weed seeds.

Chicken droppings are quite easy to use and they are very popular as they have lots of nitrogen and they have the ability to easily burn your plants if not properly composted. Chicken droppings should be composted for at least 6 months before usage. It is also advised that when using chicken dropping to do so far away from your neighbor as they tend to be very stinky.

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